Anthony Dewar, Network Rail
Anthony Dewar
professional head buildings and architecture
Network Rail

As Professional Head Buildings and Architecture Anthony is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Network Rail’s Built environment covering all elements of design including Architecture and Civil Engineering. He is responsible for Network Rail’s national standards, policies, new technology and international benchmarking for all Network Rails built environment assets. He has led on elevating the importance of design within rail infrastructure and his notable achievements include forming the Network Rail (NR) independent design panel, development of NR design principles, reinvigorating NR’s design approach via design competitions and introduction of built environment design guidance. An experienced transport professional, Anthony has over 20 years of industry experience and a proven track record in asset management, programme engineering and project development within government, client, consultant, contracting and risk environments in the UK and Europe. Anthony has spent his career in a number of private sector bodies including working as a consultant for Jacobs Babtie, Louis Berger Inc and Railtrack; as well as a number of public sector bodies including Network Rail and Network Rail (High Speed) where he was the Head of Civil Engineering and Environment on HS1. Anthony is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Royal Society of Arts. He is as a member of the National Infrastructure Commission Design Group and New London Architecture Transport and Infrastructure Expert Panel.