Social Infrastructure Project of the Year

Exeter College, Oxford- Library Renovation

The Library is of considerable architectural importance, it has been an intellectual home to many notable writers including JRR Tolkien. Outcomes achieved: Redesigning and extending the library; Restoration of stonework and roof; Modernisation of workspace, heating, electrics, ventilation, temperature control; Extensive joinery; Increase from 65 readers to 90.

Lime Wood School, The Quarry

The Quarry, a 50-acre site, is undergoing a regeneration to bring major benefits to Erith. The Quarry masterplan was to respond to the need for housing, sustainable living and local education. Central to this is the Lime Wood Primary School – a major piece of social infrastructure for the area.

The Christie Paterson Building, Manchester

The Paterson Building provides 26,000m² of laboratories and offices, serving 300 scientists and 400 clinicians. Its direct hospital connectivity allows patient samples to be within the laboratory in minutes; with an ambition to improve survival rates through fostering collaboration, and doubling patients who benefit from clinical trials by 2030.

The Wave, University of Sheffield

The Wave is a 16,600 sqm building for the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences. It provides a world class, highly sustainable environment that encourages inter-departmental collaboration and enhances the faculty’s reputation for excellence in teaching and research through a range of formal and informal active learning environments.

Trelawny Scanning Suite and Lowen Ward

The new Trelawny Scanning Suite and Lowen Ward is a vibrant yet calming environment providing increased levels of comfort and patient choice. State-of-the-art equipment has increased efficiencies and promotes a positive working atmosphere. Designed and constructed during a global pandemic, it is making a huge difference to staff and patients.

UCL One Pool Street

This multi-faceted university building has student dwellings, academic teaching and research space, all open to its east London community. It sets a benchmark for how universities can interact with their neighbourhoods - engaging with local folk in finding solutions to challenges facing London and cities around the world.