The ICE President’s Nature and People-Positive Champion

DJV of Mott MacDonald-Systra
River Cole: Realigned for Nature, People and Climate

The River Cole Realignment design from Mott Macdonald SYSTRA Design JV (DJV) working with Balfour Beatty VINCI, features the High Speed 2 project’s longest river realignment at 749m. Integrating the HS2 line into the West Midlands landscape, our innovative design prioritises biodiversity and community access, adhering to strict environmental regulations. With a multistage channel including natural elements like berms, riffles, rootwads and coir pallets, we maximised biodiversity while minimising the project's carbon footprint. Additionally, improved public access fosters community health and well-being, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and ensuring long-term flood risk mitigation with minimal maintenance needs, contributing to overall project sustainability.

Expedition Engineering
Eva MacNamara: Nature and People-Positive Champion

Across Eva’s 17-year career, she has been a consistent people and nature positive champion. She is skilled in spotting opportunities and collaboratively converting them to thriving outcomes for clients, the profession and society at large – for example, the recently published ‘Embodied Biodiversity of Construction Materials’ research piece which spun out of her team’s work on the Eden Project Dundee. In her work at Expedition, part of the Useful Simple Trust, Eva focuses her efforts on enabling her colleagues to maximise their contribution to the Trust, resulting in thriving culture and giving others confidence to flourish in their own ways.

Mott MacDonald
Julia Baker, Technical Director – Nature Services, Mott MacDonald

Julia has championed the integration of nature and people-positive strategies into projects across Mott MacDonald, seeking to break down silos for development projects to achieve their nature, climate and social targets as one interconnected goal. Julia’s work has been instrumental for England’s mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). For example Julia is the lead author of the UK's Good Practice Principles for BNG, which are referenced by government and local authorities. Also, being on Natural England's BNG Sounding Board, Julia directly influenced the statutory biodiversity metric for BNG. Julia now supports organisations to benefit people and planet through Nature Positive strategies.

Holistically delivering nature and people-positive outcomes

Stantec collaborates across the built and natural environment to deliver nature and people-positive outcomes. Our industry-leading techniques are being replicated across geographies and embedded in best practice manuals and reports, published globally. Our community and environment focussed solutions look to halt and reverse nature loss and enhance the lives of people. This is done through working across geographical and sector boundaries to find the best solution for each place. We take a holistic approach and are incorporating measurement techniques to continually improve, create efficiencies and deliver social, environmental, and economic value.

David Symons, Future Ready Programme

David Symons has been an inspirational advocate of strong sustainability action for thirty years and today is one of the UK’s leading changemakers inspiring WSP, our clients and the wider built environment sector to take fast action to create a prosperous, resilient and thriving society. Seven years ago, David established WSP’s Future Ready programme – an initiative to challenge and inspire our people to design and advise for the future as well as today. David is a passionate speaker, inspiring action with audiences and through his lively LinkedIn profile.